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Now you don't have to touch much your phone with Microsoft's newInterface Pre-Touch

Touch screen was the greatest invention in Smartphone field. But as we know latest invention becomes old technology one day.

Researchers at Microsoft are working on a new technology for you to interact with your smartphone that involves less touching than you usually do. The technology anticipates your intended action even before you touch the screen of your smartphone.

You can control your smartphone and apps, browse through content and adjust settings by gliding your fingers over the screen, without actually touching the screen.

Wait ! Is it a totally New innovation ? Think NO. Samsung’s Air View allows similar functionality in select apps that it’s developed ( Apple's 3D touch also look like inspired from this ) , while Sony had showed Floating Touch in its Android 2.3-based Sola handset.

But Microsoft’s researchers wants to allow much richer interaction than these efforts, which only really allowed actions like scrolling through a Web page and hovering on menu.

For an Example: While watching movies when you hover your finger over screen ( Initially, No Interface), playback control comes up and It can recognize the grip as well. when you grip the phone with only one hand, the app will display only essential controls on the side that you’re holding the device.

the interface can recognize multiple fingers. It also allows for fine-grained control, such as selecting text without touching the screen, or tapping an item and then hovering over easy-to-reach buttons with another finger to perform actions like copy or delete it.

The Research it entitled Pre-Touch Sensing for Mobile Interaction. The team will present its paper at the Association for Computing Machinery’s Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems ( At ACM CHI 2016 ) in San Jose this month.

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