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Jump camera rig to YouTube Spaces and YouTube VR app for Daydream

Two years ago, Google entered in to arena of VR with Cardboard. Since then, company is continuously working to expand. and in this segment, company have introduced Expeditions and Jump, and this week at Google I/O, google announced YouTube VR app Daydream, a platform for high quality mobile virtual reality.

YouTube VR app to provide an easier, app will help you to find and experience virtual reality content on YouTube. It also comes with all the YouTube features like like voice search, discovery, and playlists. You can access those content with remote control which is included with the Daydream set.

You can also enjoy regular classic 16x9 videos to 360-degree footage to 3-D videos with Daydream.

Youtube launching it's Jump program at the YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles and New York; soon to all YouTube Space locations around the globe. And Youtube announced its partnership with IMAX to develop a very high-end cinema-grade Jump camera.

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