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Facebook wants to use your Real faces as an emoji ... Are you ready !

Earlier this month, Social media giant facebook has filed a new patent; which hinted that your face can be the next emoji - similar to Slack's custom emoji option.

Facebook will use its facial recognition technology, facebook will identify an image corresponding to the emotional. Facebook will identify an image through your tagged photos and the emotion will be replaced with that best matched image. For an example, if you will type :) leads to the ?? emoji, instead facebook will replace that with a photo of you smiling.


So, you should be ready to upload and tag yourselves in photos more often to have a better pool of emoji options. Otherwise, you won't have much emoji options. It will encourage users to upload and tag some more crazy photos.

Slack and Twitch already have similar feature but here is twist, facebook's custom emoji would be more automated.

However, facebook haven't implemented it nor released implementation date, so you have time to upload new photos. And, you can read about this patent here.

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