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Facebook Is testing A New Flower Reaction To celebrate Mother’s Day

Social media giant facebook is testing a new ‘Reaction’ to the five options for mother's day, in addition to ‘Like’, which company unveiled back in February.

The flower was spotted by user Sreedev Sharma, he tweeted : "Facebook testing 'Thankful' (flower emoji) reaction? 'Yay' and 'Confused' are no more. Source: Facebook page source)".

On May 4, facebook introduced limited-time capability for messenger to messages with flowers for Mother’s Day. Which will become available by May 7. But, company didn't say anything about 'flower reaction'.

First time company is using temporary reaction for celebrate, it may be an answer to google doodle. Company did not specify the markets in which the flower will be available - but it will not available to US market, only.

Its also a temporary feature, so you can't use it after 8 may.

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