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Amplify Flashlight Of Smartphones with this new Tiny Accessory 'Flens'

If you are using a smartphone, you might be aware of weakness of it's flashlight; and that is you can't light up distant objects. But the a new small accessory may help you to sort out this problem.

"F.lens" is a new removable smartphone accessory, its lens made up with pure, scratch-proof glass. Product aimed at boosting the usability of smartphones' internal LED flashlights.

The accessory uses tiny and powerful neodymium magnets to sticks with your smartphone. And a small round washer keep it connected on top of your smartphone's LED light.


Developers noted, LED light integrated into smartphones is the most used flashlight in the world: it's always with you and it always works. Unfortunately it's also the less useful, because it's not engineered to light up distant objects.

F.lens is specifically developed for all flash-equipped Apple devices - even with original and third party covers with a rear thickness of 2.2mm (0.087in) or less. F.lens is also compatible with selected Android and Windows Phone devices.

To know more and to get this product, check here.

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