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Pitput App - Really it's fulfilling the meaning of 'Real-time Chat'

In current time, every apps are promising of 'Real-time Chat'. But, are they really providing Real-time Chat ? If not ! Then What is real time chat ?

PitPut app, a new chatting app that is fulfilling the meaning of 'Real-time Chat'. After using this app, you will realise the meaning of Real-time Chat.

App doesn't show “is typing” or “” when your friend is typing. Instead, it shows what your friend is typing. just like in a face to face conversation. It also has many familiar features like any other messaging apps.

When a conversation is over, it’s over. The conversation will disappear from the screen and nothing will be stored on our servers. This feature looks similar to snapchat. Yet the concept of real-time is unique. And I must say its a first real-time chatting app.

Below video will demonstrate its working.


Now in Beta version is available for IOS and Android. Have Fun !

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