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Oops... Rajdeep Sardesai trolled on Internet

Rajdeep Sardesai, Celebrity and Popular television journalist has been trolled several times on Twitter For his journalism, and sometimes unfortunately even gets abused. which is absolutely wrong, although it may define as freedom-of-speech.

on January 16 2015, He tweeted, where he linked abusers to Modi and his supporters, “The language used by @PMOIndia supporters on social media is appalling. why do supporters embarrass their leader? Who will rein them in?”.

Rajdeep sardesai is again on trend Since Friday night, he alleged that ‘Rajdeep has been responding directly to the tweets via direct message on twitter and had also abused them’.

On Saturday afternoon at around 3:19 PM Rajdeep alleged that his Twitter account has been hacked by someone. He tweeted, “How low will some people now stoop? Hack my account? Put out false messages? When will this end? Time to disable account. Enough is enough”.

There are some messages which has been posted on twitter in which the India Today Editor had allegedly abused them.
Note : is not associated. and authenticity of the post is yet to be verified.

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