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New video ‘Magic Tapes’ is showing Glimpse of its Mysterious Technology

'Magic Leap' company which is working for human computing interfaces and software, since 2014. Has released the glimpse of its working. Now we can see how product will work, yet product is Mystery.

Video is showing digital images are working in real world. It looks like 'Magic Tapes' will take us to a digital world. You will be able to see notifications and graphics floating in mid-air like science fiction movies, a 3D view of Mount Everest and a group of jellyfish swimming around you. Company claims - No special effect were used in demonstration. Company quoted with video, "Welcome to a new way to start your day. Shot directly through Magic Leap technology on April 8, 2016 without use of special effects or compositing".

I have gone through many searches and I haven't got any mention about product's design. Some prototype show sports-like glasses but not like google glasses. The company raised about $1.4 billion from investors so far, company has previously said product will be in the range of consumer mobile devices.

It look like Hololens ? Microsoft's Hololens also looked great in videos and that was sensation when first video was launched. But hololens works is the limited field of view and other shortcomings only became clear during extended demos. But Microsoft has already started shipping developer kits for Hololens. On other side, 'Magic Leap' haven't revealed release date or pricing.

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