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Microsoft's new tool to Convert old windows software to modern Windows 10

Great news ! Microsoft announced a new tool called the Desktop App Converter, it'll allow developers to convert old Windows programs into AppX package that can be deployed to a Windows 10 desktop..

A preview version of converter is now available to download. It supports both, you can convert both .NET and Win32 apps to Universal Windows Platform(UWP).
The software may collect information about you and your use of the software and send that to Microsoft. You can learn more about Microsoft's data collection at

After this announcement, microsoft have cleared that UWP will be the primary way to create software for windows because UWP apps are installed through windows app store and it prevents system from threats.

Make sure that you have the latest Windows Insider Build - AKA the first preview for the Anniversary Update. Download the and the BaseImage-14316.wim.

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