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Facebook Introduced Metrics for Live Video

Remember New Facebook Metrics for Video ? In a segment of enhancing live video sharing experience facebook has introduced Metrics for Live Video.

Facebook announced this new metrics last month, which gives page owners a better understanding of audience. Now, this metrics are available for live video.

Starting today, Page owners can access these metrics for their live videos:

Live Broadcast Audience: The total number of unique people who watched the video while it was live.
Viewers During Live Broadcast: A visual representation of the number of viewers during each moment of the live broadcast.


Simply click on the live video you’d like to see metrics for, and you’ll find the Live Broadcast Audience in a new tab. Click the tab to find the Viewers During Live Broadcast interactive chart.

These new metrics are available through Page Insights and Video Library— and company is also planning to launch API & export soon.

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