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All you need to know about World Earth Day and Paris Agreement

What is earth day? It's perfect day to show our affection to our mother earth. Its right time to educate people to save our future on earth.

The earth day was originally conceived by peace activist John McConnell in 1969, Earth Day as we know it was established by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson a year later.

Earth day is most important day by itself, but Earth Day 2016 is going make history, the landmark Paris Agreement is scheduled to be signed by the leaders from 150 countries including china and america.


But why do we celebrate Earth Day on 22 April? On April 22, 1970, Approximately 20 million Americans people came out, especially on college campuses, participated in a national movement on environmental issues and peaceful protests against environmental demolition. And This moment marked the beginning of the modern environmental movement and this was the first Earth Day.

Now the earth day is know as "the largest secular holiday in the world". Which is celebrated by more than a billion people around the world every year on April 22.

What is Paris Agreement ? It's an agreement within the framework of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, adaptation and finance starting in the year 2020. An agreement on the language of the draft treaty was negotiated by representatives of 195 countries at the 21st Conference of the Parties of the UNFCCC in Paris and adopted by consensus on 12 December 2015, but has not entered into force.

On 22 April 2016 (Earth Day) the agreement opens for signature.  150 countries are expected to sign.

An agreement will establishes a long term, will enter into force – or begin – once 55 countries accounting for at least 55% of global emissions formally commit to undertaking the low carbon measures it outlines.

As the world’s two largest polluters, the United States and China account for 40% of global emissions.


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