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Web-based Facebook app for BlackBerry 10 and BBOS; Facebook do care about Minorities

Good news for 'Blackberry Fans', Facebook has updated its facebook app for blackberry users. Now, they can use facebook even after stopping support native app from 31 march.

It's hard to accept this. Because, blackberry itself have given up its own OS; Recently compny have released blackberry Priv, which runs Android. But, social media giant have taken a step to give update to blackberry users.

People were upset; since facebook announced to drop support for native app on BlackBerry’s mobile operating system.
Company said:

There has been much news regarding our recent blog post about Great Apps on BlackBerry and I want to clarify that Facebook will continue to support BlackBerry 10 and BBOS. The experience will be slightly different, but you’ll still get the same Facebook features you love (see right). And, of course the full Android Facebook app is available on the PRIV by BlackBerry.

Our fans are fighting for us (#WeAreBlackBerry), and we love their support (#ILoveBB10Apps). That’s why we have worked hard with Facebook to address some technical challenges and the best solution was to move forward with a Web-based app.


Company updated web-based Facebook app that replaces the native app for BlackBerry 10 and BBOS. Company said it was 'required' because the native app will stop working. The new web-based Facebook app provides some additional features.

Why it's big step by facebook ? because, according to Nielsen survey at the end of 2015 found that less than one (0.7%) percent use a phone running BlackBerry’s OS. So, we can say facebook is taking care of 'Minorities'.

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