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Talkzer - New Social media for Audio Sharing

Voice is always been a part of expressing yourself and great way to communicate.

We all know, Voice is better communication and expression medium that photos or text, Yet most of the social medias are providing only text and photo facility. Now, this new social media app wants to change the game.

talkzer is a new social media app, You can Share your posts to your other social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. And you can also post a 20 seconds short audio clip in your timeline to all your followers listen; which makes it different.


Posting audio is not only a unique feature; you can also Comment someone’s post with an audio, easily creating a nice conversation. And in discover tap, you can listen to interesting audios from people all over the world through the bubbles.

Bruno,Talkzer CEO said : Talkzer comes with a new way to communicate with your friends using your voice. Why spend a lot of time writing a text if you can speak and post it to all of your followers? It is quite amazing!

App allows you to Send private messages and audios to your friends. The app is giving unique environment as well as all common features.

Currently app is available for IOS users only. Try it once.

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