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Sploops - Video Sports Forum for Sport Fans

Sploops has released Video Sports Forum for sports Fans, which will let you share 15 second video to prove 'Fanhood'. You can also call it Vine For Sport.

Create your own personal profile that displays your fanhood. Sploops allows you to follow individual NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL teams, as well as overall categories for sports like soccer, NASCAR, MMA, Boxing and Golf. you can go to 'My teams' tab to see see video feed related to team or sport you follow.

League and team filters allow you to easily flip back and forth between specific content you're interested in. From general league news to your favorite team.

You can browse feeds for the app’s 'latest' and 'Popular' content, as well as a 'following' feed from users you follow. Users can comment on posts, and you can give them up or down ratings. And, You can also organise polls.

Sploops allows you to share all polls and rants to Facebook and Twitter. Sploops is available for IOS users only; Android user will still have to wait.

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