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Share real time photos with mOobf Messenger

If you are searching for an app to share your real time moment with your buddies. Here is an app mOobf.

Moobf is a new photo sharing mobile No-Demand photos sharing mobile app for sharing photos in real time with buddies.
On first look, it looks similar to Snapchat "share real time" but moobf comes with twists.

When you send a mOobf to your buddies, they have only 60 seconds to take a photo or record a short video. Share it on your timeline, where you can see only 10 posts; because Moobf deletes old posts. With mOobf you can show real situations of your life which aren’t edited with filters.

You can also send it only the friend who has pushed you. Your post will be deleted directly after seen. Moobf is available for ios and Android users.
Image Source mOobf.

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