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Selfie stick for Laptop. It's Weird or piece of art !

If you think using selfie stick for taking selfie with your phone in public is Weird. Then, you haven't seen this selfie stick; it's above your imaginations.

Here is a selfie stick for your Macbook, the website shows artists are using the MacBook Selfie Stick around New York City, including in Times Square.


Yeah, it's obvious; anyone will get confused if they will see you holding a Laptop with a selfie stick. As we can see on pictures.

But it seems like, These MacBook Selfie Sticks aren't for sale. The photo series is an art piece credited to it's creators, Moises, John Yuyi and Tom Galle.

This selfie stick is larger than selfie stick we usually use. so, you can't take it on your pocket.

Earlier, we have seen 'Long Hand Selfie stick' and 'Spoon Selfie stick'. which shows, selfie sticks are being innovated, day by day.

Now, the question is - People will use it? ... I don't know.
Image Source MacbookSelfiestick.

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