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RIP Ray Tomlinson : The Inventor of Email passes away at age 74

The Inventor of Email Ray Tomlinson passes away at age 74. He invented email in 1971.

In 1967, he joined the legendary R&D company Bolt Beranek and Newman (now Raytheon BBN Technologies). In 1971, while working at Bolt Beranek and Newman, he developed ARPANET's first application for network email by combining the SNDMSG and CPYNET programs, allowing messages to be sent to users on other computers. He chose the @ sign to separate local from global emails in the mailing address. And we know, choosing the "@" sign in emails to connect the username was the Biggest impact on Internet and current communication.

He is ranked number four on the MIT list of top 150 innovators and ideas from MIT. And, he was inducted to the Internet Hall of Fame on April 23, 2012 at a ceremony in Geneva, Switzerland.

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