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Opera entered into Ad-blocking Business

Everybody knows that, ad-blocking is killing the concept of 'Free internet'. Big corporation like Samsung already entered into this Business. In an segment of this process, major browser vendor Opera has introduced ad-blocking feature.

Opera is first major browser vendor to integrate an ad-blocking feature. Opera introduced native ad-blocking technology in Developer channel for Opera for computers. “Native” means unmatched speed vs extensions, since the blocking happens at the web engine level.

Ad-blocking has become a big business; big corporate giants Like Samsung has entered into this business.
Opera, itself know the value of Advertisement. Ads have been an important part of the internet since its very beginning. The first online advertisement appeared on the web as early as in 1994. Ever since then, ads have helped the web grow, giving people free access to millions of websites.

But, the wail known reason behind this announcement is ' Slow loading time '. Company also noted the concern about “fake download buttons” And privacy and tracking of your online behavior. But, IT giant Google is already concerned about these issues; without blocking ads.

In a study conducted by PageFair/Adobe, the number of people using adblockers grew by 41% worldwide between 2014 and 2015, with 98% of those users on computers.

Opera’s ad-blocking feature is deactivated by default. While browsing, Opera will detect whether there are ads that can be blocked, and it will suggest enabling the ad-blocking feature.


With announcement, New tension has come in front of Publishers. Now it will have to see that; how publishers will react.
Image Source Opera.

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