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Now Play Games Within Hike Messenger

After entering into dating business, india's leading messaging platform Hike has planned to enter into gaming business with new feature called "Games".

Company has started testing beta version of 'Games' feature with four games Snake, Word Rush, Sudoku and Chess, since 14th march. And, these games runs within hike messaging platform. It comes with one-time setup of 3MB to enable seamless experience.

To use hike games, Tap on 'Games(beta)' in chat window. Choose the desired game from the list of games and then install it within hike platform. then start playing game. Hike games doesn't require internet to run. while at the time of installation, your device should be connected to internet.

Currently, if you will install hike, you will lose your game progress. if you will delete a particular game, your progress data will still be remain on hike server.

Early february, hidden chess game found in facebook, and then in march facebook updated its messaging platform with a basketball game. And unlike facebook, your friends will not be notified when you play games on hike. And you can block notification for games, just toggle the corresponding option in the "Notifications" page, from 3-dot menu of Games On Hike

Company told us, 'there is so such plan' to open its platform for developers to develop games for hike. Yet, you can suggest new game to hike to add.

As we can see, Games is in beta version. Company is still seeking for feedback. You can suggest for new games to add, to improve an existing games and to suggest new game features on hike games.

Currently hike Games is available only for android user. Games on hike will be supported on Android 4.0 or above, and minimum device RAM needed in 512 MB.

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