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Make Your Impressive 3D cartoon movie with Evertoon

Do you want to make a 3D Cartoon Movie with Your Avatar? And, don't know graphics designing. Here is an app that can help you to make an impressive 3d cartoon movie by some clicks.

'Evertoon' lets you put photographs onto 3D avatars' faces, and record dialogue. This app comes with voice filters, you can record your voice. Then you can use emojis to make the avatar hug, slap, dance, and kiss.

'Evertoon' provides many controls, you can dress your avatar and different hairstyles. You can also set the avatar's skin to tan, pale, or even blue or red. And, as the company says 'Evertoon puts you in the director’s chair'.
Company says: In beta, Evertoon has proven to be popular with many types of content creators, especially users who parody celebrity news and current events, and movie / television show fans who use Evertoon to bring their fan fiction to life.

Niniane Wang, Founder & CEO, Former CTO of Minted. Founder of Google Lively (avatar chat) 2006. She has wanted to build a movie making product since 2010; Now Finally, product has arrived.

Evertoon is available for IOS users, you can download it from apple store. Enjoy !

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