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KRK Approached Qandeel Baloch to work in India !

Do you remember Qandeel Baloch ? Maybe not ! But someone is approaching her to come to bollywood.

Qandeel Baloch posted on facebook and said : "Look at this Indian Joker! He calls himself KRK the stalker lol".

He said to Qandeel Baloch that " You are famous now. so come to India and and work ". However, Qandeel Baloch did not replied positive ( that's why she posted on facebook ! ).


Note: We are not sure; whether this screenshot is real or not.

Youtuber Abhishek Mishra also reacted on this snapshot. He said, "Dono ki mast Jodi hai... Nazar na lag jaye bas".

Whether its true or not. Qandeel Baloch is getting spotlight on social media.

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