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KNOTO - Send Photos Automatically with intelligently

Knoto is an app that uses face recognition to automatically send friends the photos they’re in. it looks like similar to Facebook's standalone Moments.

Knoto’s patent-pending AutoSending technology ( AI ) enables a completely new way to privately share photos: just take a photo of a friend, and it magically shows up on their phone.

This is how Knoto works: a user downloads the app, selects the friends to whom they want to AutoSend, and starts taking photos. When Knoto recognizes a person that has been enabled for AutoSending, it automatically sends them the photo.

Knoto can also be set up to AutoSend photos of one person to another—making it ideal for sending photos of kids to their parents.

Knoto developed a state-of-theart face recognition pipeline based on neural networks, a type of artificial intelligence inspired by biological processes. Knoto also created Distributed Collaborative Recognition, a technology that turbo-charges accuracy by using recognition information collected from multiple sources.
Still, AutoSending photos has some risks. “There will occasionally be recognition errors, and that can be scary for some people,” said Lee, CEO of PhotoKharma, the company that developed Knoto. “We had a beta tester who was worried that one girlfriend might accidentally get photos of another girlfriend. You can limit AutoSending to specific friends, but Knoto still might not be right for someone with a lot of sensitive photos.”

App is available for IOS uses now. And for other platforms; you will have to wait.

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