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Its 10th birthday of Twitter

Popular social networking platform is celebrating its 10th birthday. In this 10 years millions of peoples have come together and have spread the love in 140-character.

Everyday People come to Twitter from around the world and update the changes around them; sometimes it's small but sometimes it become revolution. Over time, twitter become a platform to get latest new around the world.

The Arab Spring movement in 2011 is greatest example. People used the platform to organize and inform participants about activities.

Now, Twitter has become best platform for best platform for political promotion. And if we talk about sport, After a 28 year wait, India won the Cricket World Cup on April 2, 2011 and the roar of the crowd was heard on Twitter.

And ther are many examples, like U.S. President Barack Obama's "four more years" remarkable tweet or India @MarsOrbiter entered the Martian orbit on Sep 24, 2014, and moments later, also made its Twitter debut. It sent its first Tweet immediately after the mission was declared a success by @ISRO, and it’s #OnlyOnTwitter dialogue with the Curiosity Rover was an interstellar hit.

Happy Birthday Twitter : ) 

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