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Google's Email Service Gmail Is Becoming Safer With New Notification Feature

Google has announced a variety of new protections to make Gmail users even safer. Company is launching a full-page warning with instructions about how these users can stay safe.


In Gmail, if user receive an email that was sent from an insecure service ( service doesn’t support TLS encryption ), a red ‘unlock’ icon will appear to alert you. Google says secure connection increased by 25% in the 44 days - ever since Google introduced this service.

Google Chrome protected users across the web by warning them before they visit dangerous sites known for phishing, malware, and Unwanted Software. It also protects Gmail users by identifying potentially dangerous links in messages. From now, google is adding this service to Gmail. Gmail users will begin to see full-page warnings if they click these links, further extending this protection to different web browsers and email apps.

new sb warning

Warning for state-sponsored attackers. Google says that These warnings are rare, less than 0.1 percent of users ever run into these attacks. The users that receive these warnings are often activists, journalists, and policy-makers. Google is giving this warning since 2012.
Image Source Google Security.

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