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Encrypted voice, video and group chats with Wire Messaging app

Voice calling feature provider 'Wire' has entered into all conversation content — text messages, video calls, photos, sketches.

Wire’s voice calls have always been end-to-end encrypted. And now, It is all all conversation content will be encrypted end-to-end, By far the best way to protect any conversation on any device..

Of Course - Privacy is a biggest expect in current online world. Maybe, this is a reason, that; new companies are coming with promises of Privacy, instead of New Features.

Company says : There are a few limitations. To ensure best privacy, the conversation history is only permanently stored on the devices. New devices and clean installations of the Wire app cannot display the conversation history prior to their activation (for now). Wire for Web can only keep history if “Remember me” is selected at sign in.
Compare With Other Messaging Platforms
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Wire doesn't support ads like Banners, popups, takeovers. Instead, in future wire will provide premium services. And functions which are available today, will be remain Free.

Wire app still have some issue; but company said that they are working on those. App is now available for  for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.
Image Source Wire.

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