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Doglar - Tinder For dogs, to find true love for your Dogs

You can have a soulmate, so why shouldn't your pet have one, too? Yeah ! this was idea behind new app Doglar.

Doglar app designed to connects dog owners. Its main purpose is to help pet owners to discover playmate for pet(dog), and other people sharing pic of their pets, you can simply swipe all dog breeds, dogs, and dog owners around you.

App show you the details associated with the breeding of your pup and sharing with you the trendiest parks, dog-friendly locations in the city, and much more.

If you like someone, and they like you back, you`re both notified that it`s a match. You can chat with your matches inside of DOGLAR and talk about having a happy, health and lovable dog. Go to the next level and set up a playdate for your dogs.

As i always says, technology is beautiful. And this is another example of that.

Beta version of the app is now available (only on iOS for now). and company is planning for android. So, if you want to find a true love fo your pet, this app may be end of search.

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