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75 Percent of Dropbox users are outside of US

8 Year old file hosting service provider Dropbox has achieved new milestone with 500 million signups.

Company says, users have created 3.3 billion connections by sharing with each other. That’s a 51% jump in just the last year. And as new people join, they’re bringing friends, family, and co-workers along. 44% of new accounts were opened when existing users introduced people to Dropbox.



Graph showing user growth at the following milestones: Dropbox launch (2008), Dropbox Pro launch (2012), Dropbox Business launch (2013), Dropbox Enterprise launch (2015), and 500 million users (2016)

Dropbox hits 400 million in June 2015. last 100 million users have come from all over the globe. Brazilians, Indians, Brits, and Germans. And 75% of dropbox users are outside of US.

Company also did  90+ product updates in the last year.As you can see, Dropbox’s growth was accelerating in 2014; The Service jump to 300 million from 200 million in just six months, from 300 million to 400 million in 13 months, and the last 100 million was added in nine months.

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