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Wattpad introduced dedicated website for nonprofits

Story sharing platform Wattpad has introduced the dedicated website for nonprofits.

Company introduced this new website with and aim to provide support, advice, and inspiration for nonprofits who want to engage audiences with unique content related to their charitable initiatives.

There are already some great examples of well-known nonprofit organizations on Wattpad today. Doctors Without Borders, and Kiva.

Whattpad is a Great platform for nonprofits organisations to share their stories. Wattpad has more than 40 million people using the platform each month and they spend more than 13 billion minutes per month engaged in stories, 150 million story uploads shared,  90% of all activity is on mobile and it supports 50+ languages.

Wattpad is always been a part of movements, company noted some movements like 'The Unslut Project' and 'No More Bullying'.

Earlier this month, Facebook has also introduced new website dedicated to nonprofits organisations; and now wattpad has also realised the importance of nonprofits.

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