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Valentine's e-card by NASA ; 'I love You' From Space

Celebrating valentine's day with a-card instead of face-to-face, is not a good, cool or interesting idea. But how about sending e-card from space by NASA ! interesting !

NASA has released collection of mars photos. These photos are look like Hearts and smile and mars rover's photo.

NASA created templates with these photos. Probably, it can be coolest e-card, which you have ever send to your love one.

To send E-Card, simply go to image which you want to send, then click on "i decided" button. Then you just have to fill some extra details like and then email it.

This site doesn't allow custom messages on image, you have to compromise with given message. Because, NASA has more important work than custom valentine messages. how ever, they did something for lover; they are also human being !

So..  what are you waiting for ! Send e-card to loved one. Happy Valentine's Day

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