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Use EmojiOne Extension - A new emoji keyboard to Make Your Expressions More Expressive.

Oky... If you are one of those people who use emojis to express their feeling and to have fun. EmojiOne is product for you.

This extension is available for chrome ( windows and mac ). EmojiOne extension for Google Chrome comes with 1600 new designed emojis which can make your expressions more expressive.


EmojiOne comes with search box, you can simply search emoji with Search box, EmojiOne gives related options to your search query, and insert emojis for use nearly anywhere using the fastest.

EmojiOne emojis  are compatible with most websites such as Twitter, facebook and Instagram. it also gives ability to change the display size or skin tone of emojis.

But, when i was using this extension, I got that this extension is not fully functioning with facebook, and skin tone is not working with all emojis.

EmojiOne is still in beta testing, it means this extantion may not be fully functional. EmojiOne still updating its emojis.

You can download extension for chrome from here. If you want to use demo, you can go to emojione's Guestbook to try demo.

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