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Uber is Offering Motorbike Riding in Thailand

Uber has introduced its Motorbike Ride service in Thailand. According to company, they want to give fast transport facility.

Why uber chooses Motorbike Rides ?   According to report 1,500+ new cars hit the streets of Bangkok every day. And it's obvious, traffic speeds have now dropped and pollution has grown up.

So, new UberMoto service will save time and money, as company said.

To ride UberMoto, you will get an option UberMOTO in the Uber app. Enter your pickup location, payment method, and request a ride. you’ll see your driver’s details with photo and the details of the motorbike. Once your request has been accepted by the nearest driver. UberMOTO driver will also have a helmet for you.

Rates start at 10THB ($0.30) it will cost  3.50THB ($0.10)/km or 0.85THB ($0.025)/min.

But, Uber will have to compete with GrabTaxi. This is one of the popular taxi service in thailand and its already offers the same to its users.

Company also said 'Demand is expected to be off the charts as we add more UberMOTO drivers', so user may need to request more than one time.

Company is also planning to expand coverage of UberMOTO to more locations around Bangkok, in coming weeks.

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