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Twitter Fixed The Issue : Jammu Is neither in India Nor in Pakistan; LOL

Popular social media Twitter has been proven moron because of its location tag. Do you know why ? Because , twitter's location is showing Jammu in Pakistan and Jammu & Kashmir in people's republic of china.

Jammu and Kashmir is a state in northern India. Srinagar is the summer capital, and Jammu is the winter capital. But, according to twitter locations - Its in Pakistan.

On the other hand, when we search for 'Srinagar' on location tag - it shows 'Srinagar - India' which is correct. On the other hand if we search for 'Kashmir' on the location tag - you will get two options 'Jammu and Kashmir, People’s Republic of China' or 'Azad Kashmir Province, Pakistan'.

Screenshot by Praveen Singh

In most of the locations in India or anywhere, where the GPS facility of your device is working proper, location is automatically picked up by Twitter.

If you are searching for any other address from Indian states, for an example Chhattisgarh - Option will appear 'Chhattisgarh - India'.

However, this issue has not been resolved by twitter. Hope it will be resolved, soon.

[Update : 10:02 pm India 21- Feb - 2016] 

Twitter Fixed issue which was proving twitter dumb.


It seems like problem is solve, most of it. Yet twitter is not showing the country name. instead of showing country name, twitter is showing 'jammu and kashmir' only in location search result.

May be twitter don't want me create issue in Pakistan. A perfect line for this situation " THE SNAKE GETS KILLED BUT THE STICK DOESN'T BREAK".

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