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State of Connectivity Report : 2G is Yet most affordable way to access Internet in India

Facebook has released State of Connectivity Report 2015 - 2016, 3.2 Billion people are online, Yet 4.1 billion are left.

Facebook has released report, which technology is used to access facebook. Report shows that 3G and 4G networks are now widely available throughout the developed world.

This image shows the most recent generation of mobile network technology used to access the Facebook Android app.


Report shows mobile users don't always use the fastest available technology. It is common for 2G mobile networks to be used even in areas where 3G/4G services are available.

In some cases, basic devices are not equipped to use 3G or 4G networks; or sometimes an overloaded 3G network forces users onto the 2G network to ease capacity problems.

In case of India, 2G mobile network is main used technology even 3G/4G services are available.


The maps of India show that while 3G and 4G mobile broadband connectivity is available across most of the country (Most recent generation technology detected), many Facebook users connect to the service using 2.5G (especially outside of major cities), and 4G is not commonly used (Main technology used).

Report says(according to ITU country-level data) that 2G mobile networks are available to 96% and 3G mobile network are to 78% of the world’s population. However these 2G networks offer at best very basic connectivity, and cannot support most internet services.
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