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"Swachh Paryatan" app to Complaints About Garbage Pile at tourist places in India

Ever since new government formed in india, they are introducing new app and websites to connect with people. Now Ministry of Tourism (Govt. of India) has introduced Swachh Paryatan app.

Government introduced a new app as a part of  'Swachh bharat( Clean India )' Mission, this app will enable people to send pictures of dirty spots at tourist places to the authorities for "immediate action".

Swachh Paryatan

People can complaints about garbage pile ups at Archaeological Survey of India protected monuments only, government is starting with with 25 Adarsh Smarak Monuments protected by ASI.

This app looks similar to delhi Government's 'Swachh Delhi' app. which looks like flop. Maybe this was a reason, that government did not release this app for large scale.

Current, user can report on 25 selected places, maybe government will expand this selected places list as per response or success.

You can download 'Swachh Paryatan' for android from google play.

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