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Now Whatsapp Has One Billion Users

Whatsapp has announced that now one billion people are using its messaging platform.

The company also claims that people share 42 billion messages,1.6 billion photos,250 million videos per day on its messaging platform.


This is a fastest growth ever. Earlier, whatsapp achieved this number from 800M in April and 700M in January and 900M active users in September 4th, 2015.

In an effort to gain more users, The company has dropped the $0.99 annual fee and company has added numerous features over the past year, including a desktop interface, voice calls and the ability to backup your chats to Google Drive. Video calling is believed to be in the works.

When Facebook acquired Whatsapp before 2 years, whatsapp had 600 million users and now it reached one billion users, this number itself saying the success story of Facebook and Whatsapp.
Image source Jan Koum.

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