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#iPledge - Champion to fight against unsafe roads

Aster Safe Road launched an event at Delhi. In an attempt to Vigilant people for Road safety."Master blaster" sachin tendulkar appeared to promoting #iPledge event in New Delhi.

Sachin tendulkar posted photos, and he captioned:"The fight against unsafe roads with little champions in Delhi.#iPledge to encourage people to drive safely @DrMoopen".

Why road safety is important ! 2,38,562 road accident fatalities occurred in India last year. 67,324 homes lost their breadwinners. 43,562 parents lost their children. 20,000 were orphaned.

#iPledge is one of the activities of this initiative that urges people to come together and sign the pledge in this ‘Safe Roads’ petition. The more people come and live out the pledge, the more the chances of making roads safer for all.

The campaign is getting huge support. It's great effort by 'Master blaster' and 'Aster Safe Roads', They must continue this kind of more activities to other cities ( Not only in Metro Cities ) that lead to safe the Human Life.

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