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Instagram is adding View Counts on Videos, in coming few weeks

After adding support for multiple account on instagram app, instagram is going one step further by adding view Counts on Videos. According to blog post company is adding view count in coming few weeks.

Finally, you’ll start to see how many times people have watched a video on Instagram. company said "Views are the most widely expected form of feedback on video", and why not ! we all want to know how many times our video has been seen.


View count will appear for videos where you would normally see the number of Likes. if you will want to see likes, just tap on "views" for information about likes. Company is making interesting its platform by adding this analytical data, this view count may help to get more advertise! however.

Instagram is going further from just photo sharing apps to more multimedia, ever since company launched video two years ago and introduced Hyperlapse and Boomerang. company also said  that "Adding view counts is the first of many ways" and videos on Instagram will "get better this year".


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