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Hipchat Adds Cloudo integration to let you search file from any cloud storage

Now HipChat will let you keep track of all your cloud files in one place with new integration, Cloudo.

With this new integration, HipChat users can simply search files in any cloud storage solution ( most of the solutions ) , it displays result in a single window. It also checks your docs, contracts, code repos, and calendar attachment, just type your search query on search box.


Cloudo is configured per-room and per-user. This means as a HipChat user and Cloudo user, each person can only search the files and cloud services they’ve enabled in Cloudo. And your teammates will never see your files. They only see what you want to share with them.

Its "next logical step in ChatOps for every team", heap chat is working to be more than just a conversation portal. and Yes  "HipChat has nailed sharing with your team, Cloudo has nailed finding".

The Cloudo integration for Hipchat is now available for everyone.

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