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Hidden Chess Game on Facebook Messenger; Unlock it

We have been using facebook messenger for hanging out with friends. But, Did you know that you can play chess game with your friend directly in a Facebook chat ( Facebook messenger too ) window ?

facebookChess Game

Here All you need to know, how to launch this chess game and start playing it.

1. Open chat box and type @fbchess play and a board will appear. Your friend will go first.
2. Select a piece using K for king, Q for queen, B for bishop, N for knight, R for rook, P for pawn.
3. To select move, Just add the letter and number representing the space you want to move it on the board.

for example, you’d type @fbchess PC3 to move it to that space. you can also type @fbchess undo to undo the game and @fbchess help to get help from @fbchess.

Next time, when you will be getting bored in conversation with your friend, you can try this Hidden Chess Game.

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