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Google Chrome will now warn you from fake download or Install buttons

In an effort to provide safe browsing, Google has announced that its Safe Browsing service in Chrome browser will now flags websites that use social engineering content like fake download or install buttons, fraudulent updates or ads designed to mimic the mimicking the site’s look and feel for spreading malwares.

Here are some example of ads which are common on common on certain websites. These ads are trick, in an effort to download malicious software. Instead of, installing or updating softwares to your computers.

malware - update

It's a part of the company’s new social engineering policy, which was introduced in November. Google Safe Browsing may warn users when they visit the site, if Google identifies social engineering on a website.

This image mimics a dialogue from the FLV software developer -- but it does not actually originate from this developer.


If your site is flagged for containing social engineering content or if you think you site is unfairly targeted by Google’s new changes, you should troubleshoot with Search Console. You can go to google's social engineering help for webmasters.

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