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Finally, Facebook Reactions emojis is available for India

Facebook wants to change its well-known feature 'like'. Finally, Facebook Reactions emojis is available for indian Users ( I noticed ).

Earlier January 14th, 2016, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox introduced this feature to in Tokyo for janap. The most surprising thing was, Facebook’s emojis wasn't scheduled to launch in its home ground US and UK.

The reaction emoji has already been launched in Chile Portugal and Philippines, last year.

TO use this feature, go to 'like' option on the bottom of post. A pop-up option will appear automatically on 'like' button,then select one of the reaction from pop-up.

But, I also noticed that This feature is not yet available for all users too. Facebook is rolling out Reactions emojis, silently. Hope, it will be available to all, soon.
Image source Praveen Singh.

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