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Translate let You Play Real Life MMOFPS

You might have seen many parties and might have joined Laser tag game played with lasers. Whis is really fun. Now, just think - what if whole world turn in to a laser tag game arena ! Yeah..! its extream. came into martek with that concept, and this concept is going to change the MMOFPS gaming world. And it's also changing the laser tag game, ever since its birth in 1979.

How can we play this game ? all you need to have an app and Plug the INCEPTOR ( a module ) into phone, Inceptor priced $25.

Attach Inceptor to smartphone and connect via Bluetooth. It uses infrared light to ‘shoot’ other players, as many other laser tag game, and it works up to 50 meters away - and the beam focused to 'precise and well-collimated hitbox', and company said that the hardware has been tested with hundreds of gamers and pro-gamers.

According to company, they have implemented 6 highly sensitive, infrared receiving sensors, allowing Father.IO to offer unmatched, full gaming immersion. The inceptor sensors offer wide angles of reception (almost 90ยบ), both horizontally and vertically, so a shot can be detected from any direction or angle around your Inceptor. let you interact with over 12M real-world locations.

Company says full app is still in development, Father.IO Tactical Map Beta is available for Android and there is no limitation for download. While, iOS limits beta to 2,000 users only.

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