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'' A peer to peer social network. Where user are Customer, not a Product.

Now developers are concern about privacy, instead of look and feel. Remember "ello" ! A privacy focused social network.

KUBE is a "peer to peer" social network, focused on user's privacy. User have complete control to their data. Store, stream, share and connect easily & on users terms. Infact, kube wants to treat users as a customers not as a product to sell.

company says : "The current advertising model sucks and is ineffective. The first step to fixing it is to stop selling data, and to focus on relationships. We’ve taken this step by not having any access to your data to begin with."


Company does not use a centralized database. Instead all of your data (including communications) is stored inside of your own silo, which can be hosted wherever you choose and company can't access your data. Means, you are owner of your data; not company.

Kube will provide free cloud to the new users, when they come first but cumpany haven't decided on the exact amount of free space, bu it may be somewhere in the 5 gb range (company official said). If user will want to put more data, they will have to get more space from himself. Company wants to make money from premium features.
Of course we don’t have access to any of your data to begin with (there is no centralized database, no ip tracking, no identifiable information), and if you are using KUBE as a Service (where we do operate some services on your behalf) all of your data and communications can only be unlocked by you (we do not store the keys required to access your data). So if you are worried about abuse of power in any way, you can rest easy with KUBE.

Kube is founded for Iah Reid and Michael Reid. company launched its Alpha testing Oct. 13th 2015, and it started patching weekly with fixes and new features.Company has started beta test, since january. Initial beta users will have the ability to invite a few friends, so they aren’t confined to a network of one.The campaign begins on March 1st 2016!
Image source Kube.

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