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YouTube "donation cards" allows viewers to donate directly from videos

Recently, YouTube has rolled out donation cards for US creators that allow viewers to donate to a charity of the creator’s choosing, directly from the video.

Creator can choose any United States, IRS-validated 501(c)3 public nonprofit organization and the charity will receive 100% of the money donated.

Nonprofits already had this option on their own videos, but now the creators of YouTube have an easy way to help out their favorite charities as well.


This donation card is easiest way to ask for donation. You wont have to leave the YouTube, you will just see a pop-up box for donation. And if you want to close the a pop-up window, you can click just away to return to your YouTube video, or you can select the amount to make a donation by this pop-up window, without leaving YouTube.

Currently, the program is only available to YouTube users in the US only, but now Google wants to open the program to more countries. Company said “We’re excited to take this first step and look forward to expanding into other countries so creators across the world can power nonprofits they care about”. Soon it will be available for more countries.
Image Source YouTube.

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