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WhatsApp has activated free Lifetime service. As promised.

WhatsApp has activated free Lifetime service. As promised on at DLD in Munich. WhatsApp founder Jan Koum announced that they are dropping its 99 cent annual usage fee. Now it seems like, its activated.

whatsapp lifetime service

WhatsApp already has 900 million active users, which is huge user count. removing the payment requirement could help  WhatsApp to grow even further. WhatsApp is also planning for video call, reports says.
Before, Only first year of use was free. Now, there will be no charges for the service from users, users will get lifetime service for free.

However, it seems like Whatsapp was in confusion for granting free service. I received another message after 30 min, where my lifetime service was canceled.


whatsapp lifetime canceled


Again, My account received lifetime validity. it has not been canceled, yet. If you have been received; congratulations, and if not Then you have to wait.

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