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SlamdunQ Cricket - This Android App Will help You to Sharpen Your bowling Skill

We you are searching for a private cricket coach, and if you want him to be with you all the time. SlamdunQ Cricket app will finish your search.

SlamdunQ Cricket app, This app monitors cricket bowling through a smartwatch on your wrist. Sensors detect all the parameters like 'Wrist Rotation' 'Arm Rotation' 'Angle Of Release' and 'Run Up Speed' that a cricket coach would advise for bowling and present the data in a concise and informative form on the phone.

SlamdunQ Cricket

The app shows the exact movement of your bowling action by the animation based on collected data. And the app is bringing to you, your very own ‘action replay’. This 'action replay' may help you for better performance.

Its first of its kind app.This application will help to understand how you’ve performed through measured parameters and to better your game.

SlamdunQ has also introduced its paid app SlamdunQ Golf for golf players for analyze the swing through carefully designed parameters.

Company has also added Support for New Launched Smartwatch Samsung Gear S2.

SlamdunQ Cricket app is free, you can get it from googleplay.
Image Source SlamdunQ.

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