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HackerRank Jobs will help you to get technical jobs based on skill

HackerRank has Introduced HackerRank Jobs. This app will be helpful to reduce the step for getting a perfect jo. Now you don't have to waste you time for waiting. Instead of applying with a resume, you request a code challenge from a company with just one tap, and solve it at your leisure.

You simply apply to a job by showing your coding skills on your own time. No resumes or cover letters required.

hackerrank job

Company says: "after a company gets a list of code challenge scores, recruiters have a maximum of 5 days to respond to the best performers. Otherwise, they lose talent. The speed of automated challenges, transparency and limited time incentivizes companies to act faster".

Companies can get a list of candidates’ code challenge scores on either web or mobile, and they have the opportunity to call engineers immediately. What’s more, recruiters will never have to deal with the endless back-and-forth emails when scheduling interviews with candidates. Scheduling conflicts alone unnecessarily extend recruiting time. The HackerRank Jobs ecosystem offers a built-in scheduler that automatically prompts applicants to choose 3 open time slots for potential interviews.

Company says : "Almost 40 companies, including Uber, VMware and Box, are already using HackerRank Jobs and have trimmed down their time-to-hire from months to just days".

HackerRank Jobs is now available to all engineers on both iOS, Android, Web. Company is starting with jobs openings in the Bay Area, New York and Bangalore.

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