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Facebook launched the Online Civil Courage Initiative – to encourage people to speak up against hate

Facebook has launched the Online Civil Courage Initiative. Facebook to thwart extremist posts on social media.

The initiative for civil courage Online will support European NGOs involved in the fight against online extremism in Europe, with more than 1 million euros, both financially and in terms of marketing activities.

Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said "In the past year, we've seen millions of people come together online to support refugees and stand in solidarity with the victims of terror attacks. But we’ve also heard voices of hate growing louder. With extremism damaging lives and societies across the world, challenging those voices has never been more important.

Deleting content won't make the hatred go away. We can't just treat the symptoms - we have to treat the cause. We need the voices of tolerance and love to ring out across the world, because the best remedy to bad speech is more speech" She also added "Hate speech has no place online – or in society. Together, we can make sure the voices of peace, truth and tolerance are heard. Love is louder than hate".

Millions of people including Politician and Celebrities have voiced concern about the rise of anti-foreigner comments on social media as the country struggles to cope with a tide of new migrants that amounted to 1.1 million last year alone.

On people can share stories, content and ideas #civilcourage under the hashtags and share #Zivilcourage to show their support for the initiative and for Counter Speech.

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