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Bajaj V, Bike From The metal of India's First aircraft carrier INS Vikrant

India's Leading Automobile corporation is ready to launch its new Exclusive Bike on 1st February. And Its first Trailer launched for 26th January, India's republic day.

The Attractive part of this upcoming bike is, this bike is made from the Metal of India's First aircraft carrier INS Vikrant. INS Vikrant is well known as 1971 Indo-Pak war hero. This is the reason behind launching first trailer on India's Republic Day.

HMS Hercules was commissioned by the British Royal Navy during World War II. But the war ended before it was complete. In 1957, India purchased the ship and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru formally inducted INS Vikrant into the Indian Navy, in Bombay on Nov 3, 1961.

INS Vikrant took part in its first active operation on December 1961- the liberation of Goa from the Portuguese.

Although, INS Vikrant was India’s first and only aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant was formally decommissioned on Jan 31, 1997, with plans to preserve her as a museum. In 2012, the Indian Navy expressed its inability to maintain the aircraft carrier. At the end of January 2014, Vikrant was sold through an online auction to a Darukhana ship-breaker, where it underwent preparations to be broken up.


This new product shows that Indian AutoMobile Corporations knows that How to Sell a Product. You can watch live webcast of launching event of this exclusive bike, and for more detail you can go to official site.

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