Whatsapp wants to share account information with Facebook for better ads Experience

In an attempt to track whatsapp metrics, Facebook wants to connect your whatsapp phone number with Facebook for better ads experience.

On Jan 21, 2016, Developer Javier Santos discovered this option in setting in the beta (WhatsApp 4.12.413.) version of WhatsApp for Android. Which says "Share my account information with Facebook to improve my Facebook experience". And finally whatsapp has started asking with an update of terms and privacy policy.

Company itself said, "updated documents reflect that we’ve joined Facebook". And it is. The company said, "by connecting your phone number with Facebook's systems, Facebook can offer better friend suggestions and show you more relevant ads if you have an account with them".

The company also noted their future plans, the company may test some features to provide notification about fraudulent transaction, or getting notified by an airline about a delayed flight, in the next several months.

If you are an existing user of whatsapp, you can choose not to share your whatsapp account information with Facebook.

Read More About updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

New facebook trend looks similar to twitter

New facebook trend looks similar to twitter

Did you notice new Trending feature on facebook ? Yeah ! Facebook has introduced new changes to the Trending feature. No longer require people to write descriptions for trending topics.

After this update, It will look similar to twitter, and Instead of showing description in Trending, it will show simplified topic and the number of people talking about that particular topic on Facebook. Which is based on the number of original posts that mention the topic and shares of posts about the topic.

You can hover over it or click on topic To see more about what people are saying about a topic. A search results page will include the news sources that are covering it, posts discussing it and an automatically selected original news story with an excerpt pulled directly from the top article itself. 

#BoycottMyntra - Myntra is suffering for the fault of other !

Once Again, Hindu sentiment got hurt in India (a Hindu majority country).

This time, India's leading online fashion store Myntra.com is being criticized on the Internet. Ever Since an artwork was uploaded by ScrollDroll on Facebook. Showing, Hindu god is using Myntra.com for shopping online.

People are asking questions; why people don't understand the sentiments of HINDUS.
While people are using #BoycottMyntra to criticise Myntra, scrolldroll took the full responsibility of this. They tweeted, "We take up the responsibility of this artwork. Myntra is nowhere associated with it directly or indirectly", and apologized.

Just after scrolldroll's clarification, Myntra pulled off their hand. They tweeted, "We did not create this artwork nor do we endorse this".

Yet, some question are arising on The internet

 But this is not first time; similar event were occurred when Hindu God's printed DoorMats were found on amazon.

nuTonomy - World's first driverless taxi is ready to pick up you in Singapore

Future is is coming closer, because the world's first self-driving taxis is ready to pick up you in Singapore starting today (August 25, 2016).

While giant corporations like Google and Volvo are testing self-driving cars on public roads, nuTonomy an autonomous vehicle software startup, have announced public ride in Singapore.

Beginning today, selected people from Singapore will be able to use nuTonomy’s ride-hailing smartphone app to book a no-cost ride in a self-driving car 'nuTonomy'. The rides will be provided in a Renault Zoe or Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric vehicle that nuTonomy has specially configured for autonomous driving.

Company have aim to launch nuTonomy widely in Singapore in 2018. nuTonomy will collect and evaluate valuable data including passenger experience, throughout this trial. And The data will enable nuTonomy to refine its software in preparation.

CEO and co-founder of nuTonomy, Karl Iagnemma, said, “nuTonomy’s first-in-the-world public trial is a direct reflection of the level of maturity that we have achieved with our AV software system. The trial represents an extraordinary opportunity to collect feedback from riders in a real-world setting, and this feedback will give nuTonomy a unique advantage as we work toward deployment of a self-driving vehicle fleet in 2018.”

Here is Glimpse

OperaVPN is now available for Android

OperaVPN is now available for Android

After introducing operaVPN for iOS company have introduced it for android users.

VPN ? It allows users to change their virtual location by connecting them to one of regions and borrowing an IP address from that area.

OperaVPN users can select one of five regions, U.S., Canada, Germany, Singapore and The Netherlands. This app also removes ad-tracking cookies that follow you around the web.